BE Informed…
Through Paul and Mary’s Newsletter’s…
This can be by surface mail or by email
Through Mary’s emails…
Current VFM activities and some personal notes from Mary

BE in Prayer…
Through Praise and Prayer…..
We need your prayers for safety and God’s wisdom!

BE Involved…
Through Various Means……..
Contact Paul & Mary for further information.
Gather needed items for shipping Bibles, school supplies and Christian books
Go on short-term mission trips to teach, preach, encourage or construct a church!
Be a communicator to your church or Sunday School classes or small group on behalf of VFM

BE a Supporter…
We need help for the monthly VFM budget to continue the ministry.
We have occassional special needs for buying of land, construction, food, medicine etc.

Please email us, on how we can work together for the Lord’s work. Be Informed, Be in Prayer, Be Involved and/or Be a Supporter, occasionally or regularly, for God’s ministry here in the Philippines!

(Note: Most of our communication is only with those living, knowing and supporting us from our supporting churches.)