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“Fulfilling the Great Commission by Training Leaders”


  • Train future church leaders for new churches
  • Impart solid Biblical Foundation for future leaders
  • Improve a leader’s communication and professional skills
  • Provide quality workers for existing churches


  • 2 years intensive training for church ministry
  • 4 months per semester, for 4 semesters

Admission Requirements

  • Must be a high school graduate
  • Male ONLY
  • Preferably single, a married deacon, an elder,or an active youth leader.
  • Must be a bonafide member of the Church of Christ/Christian Churches for at least 6 months and an active member of a discipleship class.
  • Recommended by the leader of the local church thatwill support him.
  • Must be committed to serve God by leadingthe church through preaching, Bible studies, evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

Cost per Semester

Tuition Fee

  • P50.00/unit
  • Miscellaneous Fees        500.00

Board & Lodging P100/week

Plus 1 sack of rice per semester or 2 sacks of rice in a year from a supporting church.

School Time

  • Monday Noon until Friday Noon ONLY.
  • Weekends for OJT / Ministry opportunities

“But just as you excel in everything – in faith,
in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness
and in your love for us – see that you also excel in the grace of giving.”
II Corinthians 8:7

Let us help VSL to continually achieve its purpose by our generosity…

Visayas School of Leadership (VSL) will receive a $40 monthly subsidy from Vision For Missions (VFM) which will go directly to the students’ food during school days and school maintenance costs.

For more Information please contact…

Niño Abobot

Mr. Paul Wilson
+63 916 551 9696

Pastor Lemuel Lusoc
+63 933 381 7884

Pastor Brian Lisas
+63 922 291 4286

Pastor Paquito Padilla
+63 929 183 7567