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Negros Occidental is a province of the Philippines located in the Western Visayas region. Its capital is Bacolod City and occupies at the northwestern half of Negros island; Negros Oriental is at the southeastern half. Across the Panay Gulf and the Guimaras Strait to the northwest is the island-province of Guimaras and the province of Iloilo on Panay island.
The north and western parts of the province are largely composed of plains and gentle slopes. A mountain range lines the eastern part of the province forming the basis of the border with Negros Oriental. Mount Canlaon, which is partially located in Negros Oriental, rises to a height of 2465 meters and is the highest peak in the Visayas.

The island of Negros was originally known to the natives as “Buglas”. When the Spaniards discovered the island in April 1565, they named it “Negros” because of the dark-skinned natives they found. Two of the earliest native settlements were Binalbagan and Ilog which later became towns in 1573 and 1584, respectively. Other settlements were Hinigaran, Negros Occidental, Bago, Marayo (now Pontevedra), Mamalan (now Himamaylan) and Candaguit (a sitio in San Enrique).

Ilog was made the first capital of the province in 1743. This was later transfered to Himamaylan. Bacolod became the capital in 1849.

The island was divided into Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental in 1890.

On November 5, 1898, a rebellion led by Juan Araneta and Aniceto Lacson began which ended with the defeat of the Spaniards. Following their victory, the revolutionaries formed a Republic of Negros which later included Negros Oriental.

Negros del Norte was created from Negros Occidental on January 3, 1986. Its creation was declared unconstitutional on July 11, 1986, and was abolished on August 18, 1986.

Region: Western Visayas (Region VI)
Capital: Bacolod City
2000 census-2,565,723 (2nd largest)
Density-324 per km (15th highest)
Area: 7,926.1 km (7th largest)
Highly urbanized cities
Component cities-12
Congressional districts-7†
Languages: Ilonggo, Cebuano


Bacolod City
Bago City
Cadiz City
Escalante City
Himamaylan City
Kabankalan City
La Carlota City
Sagay City
San Carlos City
Silay City
Sipalay City
Talisay City
Victorias City


Enrique B. Magalona (Saravia)
Hinoba-an (Asia)
La Castellana
Moises Padilla (Magallon)
Salvador Benedicto
San Enrique