Eastern Samar

Map of Eastern Samar

Eastern Visayas is one of the regions of the Philippines and is designated as Region VIII. It consists of six provinces, namely, Biliran, Eastern Samar, Leyte, Northern Samar, Samar (Western Samar) and Southern Leyte. These provinces occupy the easternmost islands of Visayas: Leyte, Samar and Biliran. The regional center is Tacloban City, one of two cities of Leyte. Calbayog City is the lone city in Samar, one of the oldests in the country. The main languages spoken are Cebuano and Waray-Waray (speakers of these languages also call their languages “Visayan”). A third language known as Inabaknon is spoken in the island of Capul in Northern Samar.

Some claim the existence of another speech variety known as Sagul spoken on the Island of Biliran and is in actuality a mix of both Cebuano and Waray. However, others claim that ‘Sagul’ is just codeswitching rather than a separate language. The word ‘sagul’ means mixed in the Waray-Waray language and may simply refer to the practice of mixing up both Waray-Waray and Cebuano which are spoken in Biliran.