What happen to our plans?

What happen to our plans?

We thought we had such a wonderful plan for our last year, but that’s now plan “A!” We are on plan “B” and are excited to see God working in places and ways we had never imagined. May our plans always be directed by God. One of my favorite verses is from James 1:5a, “If a man lacks wisdom, let him ask God!” This has been our prayer request we often share and ask people to pray for us. May God give us his wisdom, his vision, and his path to follow as we transition from living here full time to returning to America next April. Instead of things slowing down, they seem to be coming faster! Instead of doors being closed (or finished) God is opening new doors! May God have his way and we walk in his path during the next several remaining months here! We rejoice that VFM has been able to help on Palawan, Mindanao, and the Surigio area. Several places on Luzon are new to us who have a desire for books and materials

The work of Vision for Missions (VFM) began in 1985, so that has been 33 years! During that time, 14 of those years have been directly in the Philippines. VFM was being coordinated for 19 years while living in the states. Our focus of ministry has not been to direct the effort but rather to try and be a servant and helper to the pastors and churches. The goal of VFM is to encourage churches and workers, leadership training, and starting new churches. We are not the ones trying to do this ourselves, but to encourage the workers and churches here to grow and become self-reliant! We are so thankful for the many faithful workers who tirelessly serve the Lord here in the Philippines! We are transitioning as missionaries back to living in the states, but the ministry and kingdom work for the Lord will continue whether we live in the Philippines or whether we live in Oklahoma. May Gods’ Kingdom continue to grow and expand as you continue to pray for the Philippines! After 33 years we are still excited of all that God is doing here in the Central Islands of the Philippines! God’s Kingdom work is not about the presence of a missionary but the presence of God’s Spirit moving in His Churches!

A Short Vacation!

We are taking some vacation time to return home for 3 weeks starting September 16th. We long to see our family again. (This picture was taken last week at our granddaughter’s birthday party!) One of the difficult things as missionaries is the missing of birthdays, anniversaries, and many family events.

My mother, Ruby Wilson, will be having her 98th birthday on the 26th and we are planning to join my brothers for her birthday!

We will also be attending a missionary retreat in Colorado!

We will have our annual VFM board meeting while we are in Oklahoma.

We are not asking the churches or VFM to help with the cost of this short vacation but felt that we needed some family time!😊

Celebrating 39 1/2 Years of KingdomPartnership

September the 23rd is the 40th anniversary of the Oakwood Christian Church! It has been a great honor to have been their first youth minister, associate minister, and now for 33 years their Living Link Missionary. OCC in Enid and Lakewood Christian Church in McAlester shared our financial support since the beginning of VFM in the Philippines. We are thankful for these churches, and the many others churches and individuals who have joined them in faithful support and prayers for VFM. We are looking forward to attending the 40th anniversary next month!

We recently helped on two roofs!

We delivered 1,000 quail to help with livelihood projects along with other help for workers & pastors!

Mary Bacalso just finished publishing 300 new TEE books!

Our vehicle on the Roro Ship! We have shipped or delivered several thousands of books recently to public schools and to churches!

Mary enjoys helping teachers with books and supplies!

The teachers at this small Panay school were so excited to get the books and supplies. Mary was shown each classroom!


VFM Finances! Thank you for your faithful prayers and support of VFM. Many books were printed for discipleship, projects at several churches were completed and the work of the Lord continues here. Thank you for letting Mary and I be your missionaries!

Please keep us in your prayers as we fly to America this September 16th!

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Author: Mary B

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