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November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving and greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus!

Mary and I were so thankful for our time home on furlough!  We were excited to meet our newest granddaughter, Olivia, and to reconnect with our three older grandkids: Caleb, Luke, and Emily.  In September, we got to visit Colorado for a missionary retreat.  We were doubly blessed to be able to visit with family while in Colorado and meet many friends on the way there and back to Oklahoma. slide1I was thrilled to be able to do some fishing while in Colorado. Mary had some special time visiting family and friends in Kansas the beginning of October, while I enjoyed deer hunting with son, Landon, and brother, David.

Our transportation needs were provided for during our three months in the States. Mary had the use of her beloved “Julie Jeep” again from Wingo and Patsy Miller.  I drove a very nice Mercury Marquis for the first month and then a Lexus for the last part of our time home courtesy of Joe and Fae Wilson and Dr. Paul and Vicky Thomas, respectively. Thank you to these three couples for their generosity!  It was wonderful to have such great transportation this time while traveling during furlough stops.

Thank you everyone for making our time in the States so special!

We were very glad to return to Bacolod City on October 20, 2016, and be so warmly welcomed home by our staff.  I think they missed us! Two days after arriving back, we were privileged to host Tom Nutt of Good News Productions, Intl. of Joplin, Mo. and a guest from the GNPI office in Manila.  They led a one day seminar about the use of technology on the mission field and the ministry of Good News in other countries of the world.  About 25 pastors/leaders attended this meeting.  We are praying that we can work with GNPI for a longer Nomad Training in April of 2017.  Praise God for the pastors on Negros who so faithfully minister to the churches on the island.  Several new churches are being started and we continually pray for more growth.  “Every Church Should Have a Baby” is the exciting challenge.

Mary has been busy unpacking some of the large boxes she sent from Oklahoma.  A total of 37 were shipped this furlough. The students and families are enjoying the clothing items as well as books and teaching materials.  Nine more boxes should be arriving by the end of the month.  Some special ladies from the Lakewood Christian Church in McAlester, OK pieced quilts for the students which should arrive in this shipment.  It is always fun to watch our girls go through the clothing and help Mary unpack.

Since we have been home to the Philippines, it has been a vehicle challenge!  Mary’s vehicle went to the shop where it is still waiting for an expensive part from Korea to arrive.  She has been using taxis and public transportation when we can’t share the truck.  She returned to her school tutoring and is happy to be back with her students at Green Plains Education Center.

I traveled to the Island of Panay for a convention on the Eastern part of the Island, and then spoke at an anniversary service at the Bagacay Church of Christ on the Western edge of Panay Island.  We then hosted our second set of three visitors; Tony Williamson, from Washington, Steve Bragg a fellow missionary on Panay, and JoJo, a pastor on Panay for a couple of days.  It was great to show them some ideas on quail, chickens, goats, and other livelihood as well as visiting about church planting and ministry goals for the kingdom of God.  It was a great time of fellowship and sharing in ministry work.

The second semester of the Visayas School of Leadership has startedslide2 and we are busy again with our two-year Bible College.  It is a joy to work with our VSL students and mentoring them more for Kingdom work!  So many other things are happening that we hope to tell you about later.  We have two church construction projects that we are involved with presently.  Thanks for your prayers for us while returning and your continual prayers for us here in the central Philippines.

We are thankful for the help of our daughter, Lydia Smith, as our forwarding agent for the past ten years.  Now with two small children, she has asked if someone else could help in the future.  Debbie Warren has agreed to help as our forwarding agent in the future and she and Lydia are trying work out details now.  Lydia keeps busy helping with our many personal things and our two grandchildren.  We shared with our VFM board, that to save postage and make things easier, we hope to start doing much of our future communication electronically.  We welcome the help of Debbie (Hill) Warren! She and her husband, Calvin, live in Arlington, Texas.  I attended Midwest Christian College with them in the 1970’s!

We appreciate the many prayers for Mary and I and our ministry to the Philippines. Pray for health and safety, for our students at VSL, and for the many pastors and their families who are part of the Vision for Missions family.

In His service,
Paul and Mary Wilson

Author: Mary B

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