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June 2016

Dear Friends,

Our plane will take off in less than three weeks! It has been exciting here the last couple months of our Philippine summertime (April- June)! School has started again and finally the rains have returned. It was a long dry season and we ran out of grass for our goats. Everything is now growing and the farmers are planting their crops again.

The summer season is very busy with several area church camps. Camps are very basic with pieces of tarp tied between coconut trees for most of the dorms. Sometimes, each church cooks all their meals together and other times they have a cook for the entire camp. Most days start at 4 o’clock in the morning and last until very late at night. Most of their showers are by the water faucets, pouring a bucket of cold water over your head! The youth are very excited to get together for sports and learning more about their faith. Each year several young people accept Christ during camp and renew their personal commitment to the Lord. Praise God for those men and women who make camp possible each year!

We have been busy this year helping several pastors with a livelihood project. In the last couple of days, we made two quail cages for two pastors to use. We ordered 1,200 qu
ail, which were delivered this week. The quail had to be picked up on the other side of the island where we 5met a small pump boat from Cebu Island. The quail were then divided between three different cages and are 29 days old. In two weeks they should start laying eggs. They will then lay eggs almost each day for 9-10 months. This project will help provide daily needs for these pastors. It is not enough, but it is a help for them!

Last week was also the beginning of our new school year for our Visayas School of Leadership. We are excited4 about the five young men who have enrolled for training for the first time. They will study for two years and most weekends be involved with OJT (On Job Training). They are happy to have music instruments to use, but they are not as thrilled with the 6 a.m. scholarship work in the garden! We have a total of eight men in training full-time this year plus two part-time. The college meets in the same building as our office and home. Sometimes it feels like there are ten teenagers living with us, which can make life interesting! Pray for our VSL students!

Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to travel. Also, we need some transportation while home on furlough. If someone has a vehicle to donate or loan to us for our three-month furlough, it would be most helpful. We look forward to seeing our red headed granddaughter, Olivia, for the first time, plus our other three grandkids—Caleb, Luke, and Emily, as well as all our family and many friends.


In His service,

Paul and Mary Wilson

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