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April 2016

Greetings again from Negros Island!

I apologize for being so late in writing about all the things that are happening here in the Philippines. God is blessing in so many ways and in so many places that we end up being so busy we fail to communicate fully all the wonderful things that God is doing. Thank you to those of you who keep up with us on Facebook.
Going twice to the island of Samar has added to our usual activities. Just before Christmas, typhoon Nona hit Samar.  We have ten churches in that area, and eight of those churches needed assistance.  Several churches were damaged and one building was totally destroyed at Urdanita.  This church can’t rebuild at its present location, so VFM is trying to buy land close to where the members live.  We made a contract for land last week and hope it can be purchased this month.  Thanks for helping this church have a place to rebuild.  Hundreds of families were helped with rice and with the rebuilding of their homes.

Lego aSlide3re fun! Just ask our grandson who received a set from us for Christmas.  By themselves, Lego are almost useless, but when joined together, interesting things
can be built.
Lego are like dollars!  By themselves, they are very small, but joined with other dollars, great things can be accomplished in the Kingdom.  Here I have listed 10 ways telling how your dollars were used this month on the mission field in the Philippines3!

  1. A dollar (Lego) was joined with other dollars and bought medicine for a pastor’s wife who had a stroke!
  2. A dollar this week, with others, helped rebuild many houses that the typhoon destroyed!
  3. A dollar bought many sheets of paper for the printing machine for VBS this coming April.
  4. A dollar bought nails, and was joined by other materials to start a church building in the mountains at Poloypoy.
  5. A dollar helped pay the electrical bill on water for our st1udent’s showers and the garden.
  6. A dollar bought gas to deliver goats to Panay Island to help in a livelihood
  7. A dollar helped with tuition at a vo-tech school for a blind pastor’s
  8. A dollar helped pay the postage for the clothes that were given to several
    needy families.
  9. A dollar bought the fuel that delivered hundreds of books to two public
    schools that have over 400 students enrolled.
  10. A dollar helped pay the internet bill so we could see the smile of our new
    granddaughter this week and see what our grandson built with his Lego.


Like Lego, dollars joined together with others have made a difference in the lives of people the past few months in the Philippines.  Each month it happens again in so many different ways that God helps needs to be met.

Thank you for those who pray and help the work of the Lord’s kingdom here in the Philippines!


In His service,

Paul and Mary Wilson

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