Typhoon Hits Northern Samar Islands

Typhoon Hits Northern Samar Islands of the Central Philippines! (and Masbate Island)

Before Christmas on December 14th Typhoon Nona hit the several Islands and they need help.  We sent 13 sacks of rice there this week to help at several of the churches.  I will be traveling there this week to see the damage and trying to encourage and help some of our brethren there.  It takes three days to travel there and back with an overnight in Manila and four plane tickets!

nona-01Please pray for them and for my travels this week to visit N. Samar.  We hope to help many with food which is their immediate need.  We will then formulate a plan to help rebuild and repair many of the homes and churches there.

nona-02If you would like to help financially you can email me at paul@vfm-philippines.com.
They need our prayers and our help from this typhoon that hit while everyone was busy with Christmas activities.  Communications is still coming in about the impact of typhoon Nona!

Paul and Mary Wilson
Vision for Missions Inc.

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